Birds of Prey I, Madagascar, 2016   Artist Statement   “The death of the forest is the end of our life.” Dorothy Stang  What Remains , is a self-initiated project born out of Al Obaidly’s journey across the island of Madagascar in 2016. Traveling from the capital Antananarivo to the west coast and ending her trip in Belo Sur Mer, Al Obaidly covered over 800km by land, river and sea.  Madagascar is an exceptional terrestrial ecoregion home to unique species of plants and animal life found nowhere else on Earth, yet it is also the world’s leader in deforestation, with approximately 93% of its primary forests destroyed, leaving only 7% of the island’s rich rainforest left. The reason for this slash-and-burn agriculture – whereby an area of forest is cut and burned – is to create fields for raising cattle, logging of precious woods, charcoal production and in certain sites for mining purposes. All destroy the island’s habitats, rich with endemic biodiversity.  This body of work combines photographic works, sound design, a film installation and sculpture. What Remains is an exploration of what mankind will leave behind once we have fully exploited Earth’s natural resources in the name of progress. The work asks profound questions about human civilization’s impact on our environment. Al Obaidly hopes to initiate dialog with a serious message and a call to action, encouraging visitors to self-reflect, spurring all of us to contemplate and re-evaluate our relationships with and connection to the natural environment in this modern world, and the footprint we will leave behind.
 Lady on the Lake, Lake Tuz, 2015   Artist Statement   Despite our preoccupation with the digital world and its promise of forging and maintaining human connections we can still find sanctuary in even the most remote of places. A moment of calm amidst a world of chaos and technological communication.  The project was a born from a sponsored two-week expedition across Turkey organised by Qatar Museums and The Turkish Ministry of Culture. The self-initiated series ‘The Lake’ documents life around Turkey’s Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake) which is the second largest lake in Turkey and is one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. Fed mainly by underground water the lake occupies Dunaliella Salinas algae which (in the correct conditions) bloom within the waters creating a unique crimson red colour to the surface. During the hot summers when the water evaporates, having no outlet, a thick crust of salt (up to 30 cm) is created on the lakes surface. This salt is harvested, refined and sold all over Turkey, with 70% of the salt being consumed from the Lake.  The landscape series aims to visually explore the salt lakes sightseers by focusing on how they perceive the space. What shapes their individual or group experience and how we as humans connect with the environment.
 No Time Like The Present, Qatar, 2014  Edition of 5 + 2 AP
 Cement Factory I, Industrial Estate, Qatar, 2014  C-type, Edition of 5 + 2 AP   Artist Statement   Concrete Diaries, an on-going Qatari landscape series documenting the country’s ever-changing terrain due to the boom in growth and rapid modernisation from the discovery of natural gas 42 years ago. Images captured show the reality of the country’s outskirts and desolate areas on the cities boundaries, documenting one of the worlds fastest growing industrial cities. Doha’s suburban roads like many today, surrounded by sand and desert are soon scheduled to be developed, sculpted and manicured. A modern city rising out of the sand.
 Ghanim the Boxer, 2016   Artist Statement   Ghanim, who’s name means ‘winner’ in Arabic, is a 14-year-old, born with a rare disorder named Caudal Regression Syndrome (CDS), which impairs the development of the lower spine. ‘Ghanim The Winner’ is a self-initiated project, which documents this young athletes, passion for sport and his dreams of becoming a future Paralympian.  Ghanim plays a huge part in changing perceptions on living with physical disabilities in the Middle East and especially in his home country of Qatar, where up until recently attitudes towards those with disability were that of exclusion and discrimination.  A ROTA Goodwill Ambassador and an inspiration to thousands of people across the globe, raising awareness on persons living with physical disabilities, through his on-going charity work; as well as sharing his personal journey via social media with over 900,000 followers on Instagram (g_almuftah).  The aim of my series was to capture him in his favourite sportswear and kit, as an example, his determination to succeed has resulted in him being one of the only divers in the world with his type of disability. Through this portrait series, I aim to showcasing his achievements whilst providing a message of hope and determination, echoing his belief that everyone has a right to dream and have ambitions which they can achieve.